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The immersion cleaning system  

front loading - automatic - modular  

AGI-DIP® ECOMATIC washers represent the natural evolution of the AGI-DIP®  basic models either for the use as a single unit


as modules to form a multi stages process without adaptors or accessories:

simply, two or more machines in line form a system, extremely compact.


Completely enclosed, the AGI-DIP® ECOMATIC washers are equipped with a front door and a platform to ease the load/unload operations and the transfer of baskets from one to the other machine.

Like the AGI-DIP® basic models, the operating principle is based on moving the parts inside the cleaning liquid by means of a simple and reliable air operated dunking system.

In addition the ECOMATIC models have the washing cycle fully automatic and the lift and lower of the load platform is timer controlled. The control panel with the instrumentation is frontally positioned and easily accessible.

The  front side platform has multi functions enabling the operator also also to move the baskets to all directions from and to a caddy or stage to stage.

A wide range of configurations meet the requirements for almast all the applications: for the use at ambiente temperature or heated, for aqueous  or semi-aqueous cleaning liquids or solvents, no flammable or classified as “type A1" (machines not generating flammable vapours) for hydrocarbons.

Heated models are insulated and equipped with thermostat, refilling and overweir. A wide range of accessories is available such as the oil separator OILNET®, bag or cartridge type filtration systems, automatic filling and much more.

AGI-DIP® ULTRASON ECOMATIC washers are designed to combine the mechanical agitation with the ultrasonic energy, offering the maximum of cleaning effectiveness and efficiency. Configured for ultrasounds, these washers are entirely made from AISI 316L stainless steel, are equipped with thermal and acoustic insulation and have an adjustable stroke to optimize the efficiency of the ultrasonic cavitation.

The ultrasonic transducers, with frequencies from 25 kHz till 160 kHz, are immersible type, contained in a sealed case, not welded or flanged, for easy maintenance. Tubular transducers made from titanium with 360° radiation are also available for specific applications.

Due to their compactness, a front of only 1,5 metres is sufficient to accept a 3 stages wash-rinse-protection process composed by machines with a basket of mm. 480x320x200H and becomes 2 metres if an AGI-DIP® DRY ECOMATIC drying stage is included.

AGI-DIP® DRY ECOMATIC machines use the same operating principle of washers to move the basket through an "air knife" stream  set at the proper temperature to fit the job with the maximum of efficiency


Sharing knowledge and experience with our cutomers

 In terms of applications the washers AGI-DIP® ECOMATIC do not differ from their basic sisters, but they offer important advantages which turn into exdended applicationa.:

ENCLOSURE - it is the most evidente feature keeping the washing volume completely separated from ambient. Equipped with forced ventilation. the fan is interfaced with the door to automatically start when open.
COMPACTNESS - having the control panel front side and the maintenance access from the rear, the ECOMATIC models can be installed on any floor space close to other machines or in line to form  a  multi stage cleaning process

MODULARITY - it is surely the most impartant characteristic for its technical impact on the potential applications, the flexibility of the system and more. Modularity means  the possibility to have machines as (modules  with different characteristics and functions to be used how and when it is necessary..

Considereng a cleaning process may be subject  to change and modularity starts from one unit and the others....... can come later, flexibility turns into saving


MODULAR CLEANING PROCESSES  - wash & rinse  is the simplest and the  most popular cleaning processone   but  multi stage cleaning processes involve so many combinations, impossible to list,

They are used both in production and  in MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhaul), 

some examples are

"3D Printing" - the removal of resins from parts and tools after printing is easily and economiclally carried out  by immersion at room temperature followed by a water rinse without using toxic  or flammable solvents.
Precision cleaning of parts with complex shape  is a typical multi-stages  immersion process composed by 3 to 5 stages with also ultrasonic cleaning and  rinse or passivation, depending on the type of metal, with final  drying or  water displacing long terms protection
Removal of .........

....heavy soils at MRO - is a typical three stages semi-aqueous process requiring a pre-cleaning soak followed by hot wash and rinse.

....carbon from combustion engines - is also a typical process at MRO, requiring immersion with ultrasonic combined with the proper chemical process, all distiibuted in 3 or four stages depending case by case. The system is in operation for years at F1 sport cars facilities

.....Rust and scales from hardened steel - is of main importance because it must prevent embrittlement of steel then requiring three to four stages immersioin process, including a final passivation or protection to preserve from rusting.


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