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The immersion cleaning system

advanced technology in immersion cleaning  

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The AGI-DIP® HYPER represents the most advanced technology in immersion cleaning, with or without ultrasonic energy depending on the application.

AGI-DIP® HYPER washers prevent all the drawbacks typical of immersion cleaning and are the most rational solution wherever a high level of cleanliness is required.


AGI-DIP HYPER are normally used with aqueous solutions, heated or at ambient temperature, for multiple applications in precision cleaning like degreasing, decarbonizing, deoxidation, removal of chips and cutting fluids, removal of stains, lapping pastes and much more and also for final rinse and passivation in multi-stage processes.

Even if all characteristics peculiar to the AGI-DIP machines are maintained, above all simplicity and reliability, these machines are extremely sophisticated for the performances they offer and their applications in the field of precision cleaning.

The cleaning process is fully automatic and all phases - immersion, agitation/ultrasonic cleaning, removal of floating oil, filtration and elevation of parts up to the load level - are timer controlled. The machine does not require any installation or connection to the external since vapours are condensed and returned to the machine.


AGI-DIP® HYPER are at the top for both performance and efficiency. They are designed to prevent all those problems typical of the immersion cleaning process, both manual or automatic.

  • No redeposition of the oil on parts. The oil is automatically removed from the surface at each cycle.
  • No particles in suspension returning on parts.
    The liquid is filtered at each cycle.
  • Optimization of ultrasonic energy.           Maximum of efficiency and ultrasonic power up to 40 Watt/liter
  • Additional mechanical energy by agitation of parts and hydrokinetic flux
  • No connection to the external. Vapours are condensed and the liquid is recovered
  • Few minutes for the full cleaning cycle
  • ECOMATIC configuration also available

AGI-DIP® HYPER are quite innovative for performances and technical characteristics. Produced in the common dimensions of all AGI-DIP machines, special dimensions are also available and can be part of multi-dip® auto- matic lines and the SMF - Modular Flexible Systems.




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